The Prime Minister of India introduced the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on 2nd of October, 2014 to promote cleanliness in public space. Cleanliness and hygiene are good for healthy living, Cleanliness and hygiene in hospitals are critical to preventing infections and also provide patients and visitors with a positive experience and encourages molding behavior related to clean environment, but it becomes a need when we talk about health care facilities.

Ministry of Health And Family Welfare, Government of India, has launched a national initiative on 15th of May, 2015 to promote cleanliness and enhance the quality of public health facilities. The purpose of this initiative is to appreciate and recognize their effort to create a healthy environment. To complement this effort, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India launched a National Initiative (KAYAKALP) to give Awards to those public health facilities that demonstrate high levels of cleanliness, hygiene and infection control. Cash Award will be given to those facilities that score 70 % or more in each level of assessment through Kayakalp Assessment tool (Checklist) formed by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare


  • The objective of the award scheme is as follows:
  • To promote cleanliness, hygiene and Infection Control Practices in public Health Care Facilities.
  • To incentivize and recognize such public healthcare facilities that show exemplary performance in adhering to standard protocols of cleanliness and infection control.
  • To inculcate a culture of ongoing assessment and peer review of performance related to hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation.
  • To create and share sustainable practices related to improved cleanliness in public health facilities linked to positive health outcomes.


The parameters on which the performance of the facility would be judged are as follows:

  1. Hospital/Facility Upkeep
  2. Sanitation and hygiene
  3. Waste Management
  4. Infection control
  5. Support Services
  6. Hygiene Promotion
  7. Beyond Hospital Boundary

Kayakalp scheme will encourage public health facility in the nation to work towards standards of excellence to ensure facilities stay clean and hygienic

  • Bio-waste disposal protocols will also be initiated
  • Initiative towards Swacchta in public health facilities will:
  • Bring user confidence
  • Provide quality service
  • Encourage team work
  • Various stakeholders, NGOs, people as well as voluntary organizations will be able to participate in the Endeavour and share responsibilities for initiating clean health facilities
  • Scheme will also provide opportunities and incentives to bolstering inter sectoral coordination for the improvement of health systems at state level
  • Award scheme will promote cleanliness, hygiene and infection control practices in public healthcare facilities
  • It will reward performance and initiate a culture of ongoing assessment and peer review of performance to promote hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation

About the Scheme

  • 5 awards will be provided under the scheme namely
  • Best district hospitals
  • Best community health centres/sub-districts hospitals
  • One primary health centre in every district
  • Judged by set criterion, prize winners will receive cash awards with citations
  • First and second rank award winners at district level hospitals will get INR 50 lakhs and 20 lakhs respectively
  • 15 and 10 lakhs are allocated for community health centers/sub district hospitals for the same criteria
  • Winners at primary health centre will get INR 2 lakh under the scheme
  • Awards will be given based on the following parameters:
  • Sanitation and hygiene,
  • Infection control,
  • Hospital upkeep,
  • Waste management,
  • Community participation assessment