As per the Government Order G.O.(P)No.204/06/H&FWD.  Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,22.09.06 National Rural Health Mission is being implemented in the state constituting State Health Mission District Health Missions, State Health Society and District Health Societies

Kerala State Rural Health Mission Kerala State Health and Family Welfare Society
District Health Mission and the District Health & Family Welfare Society

Kerala State Rural Health Mission


Chair person Chief Minister
Co-Chairperson Minister of H&FW, State Govt.
Convener Principal Secretary/Secretary(Health and Family Welfare)
  • Ministers in charge of departments relevant to NRHM such as AYUSH, Woman and Child development, Medical Education, Public Health Engineering (In Kerala Minister Health and Social Welfare already included as Co-chair person),
  • Minister (Irrigation, Water and Sanitation),
  • Minister (Local Self Govt),
  • Minister (Planning and Economic Affairs, in Kerala, Chief Minister, already included as Chairperson),
  • Minister (Social Welfare, in Kerala, Minister of H&FW, already included as Co-chairperson,
  • Minister (SC/ST Welfare) and Minisiter (Finance) Nominated Public Representatives (5 to 10 members) such as MPs, MLAs,
  • President District Panchayat,
  • Urban Local Bodies (Women should be adequately represented) Official representatives-Chief Secretary,
  • Principal Secretaries/Secretaries Finance, Water Resources, Rural Development, Planning and Economic Affairs and Social Welfare, Woman and Chaild development, Public Health Engineering, Kudumbashree Panchayathi Raj, Rurlal Development/SC/ST Welfare, Urban Development Affairs, Finance, Planning and representative, MOGFW,
  • Govt. of India Director (Health Services)/Director Medical Education,
  • Director (ISM, Director Ayurveda Medical Education,
  • Director Homoeo,
  • State Mission Director, National Rural Health Mission.
  • Nominate Non Official member (5~8 members) such as Health experts, representatives of Medical Associations NGOs etc.
  • One representative each of the District Panchayat Presidents, Block Panchayt Presidents, Grama Panchayat Presidents, Municipal Chairperson and Mayors of Municipal Corporations are to be added, preferably President/Secretary of their respective Associations/Chambe`
  • Representatives of Development Partner

Frequency of Meetings: At least once in every six months

Ordinary Business:  Providing Health systems over sight, consideration of Policy matters  related with Health Sector (including determinants of Good Health), review of progress in implementation of NRHM; inepter sectoral co-ordination, advocacy measures required to promote NRHM visibility.

Kerala State Health and Family Welfare Society

Kerala State Health and Family Welfare Society, named as “AROGYAKERALAM “ at the State level and District Health and Family Welfare Societies, named as “AROGYAKERALAM (indicate name of district)” ” in all the District Headquarters are registered societies under the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955.

A. Governing Body

Chair person Minister, Health & Family Welfare
Co-Chairperson Principal Secretary H&FW
Vice Chair Secretary H&FW
Governor Officer Designated as Mission Director of State Health Mission
  • Secretaries of the NRHM related Departments:
  • Health and Family Welfare, Finance, Woman and Child Development, Water and Sanitation, Panchayathi Raj, Rural Development, Tribal/SC Welfare, KWA, KSEB, Urban Affairs and Planning and Programme implementation, Executive Director, Kudumbashree.
  • DHS, Director of Medical Education, Directors of ISM, Ayurveda Medical Education, Director of Homoeo and Principal & Controller Homoeo Medical Education
  • GOI representative(S), MOHFW nominee
  • Representative of development partners supporting the NRHM in the state
  • Nominated Non-official members 4-6members (Public Health Professionals, MNGO representative/representatives of Medical Associations)
  • Regional Directors

Frequency of meetings: At least once in six months

Ordinary Business of the Governing Body meeting:
Approval/endorsement of Annual State Action Plan for the NRHM Consideration of proposals for institutional reforms in the H&FW sector review of implementation of the Annual Action.  Plan Amendment and approval of bye laws of Kerala State Health Society  Inter sectoral Co-ordination: All NRHM related sectors and beyond (eg: Administrative reforms across the State)  Status of follow up action on decisions of the State Health Mission Co-ordination with NGOs/Donors/other Agencies/Organizations.

B. Executive Committee

Chairperson Principal Secretary H&FW
Co-chair(s) Secretary, H&FW (in case of separate Secretaries in the State)
  • Executive Director/Mission Director (to be an IAS Officer of JAG/selection Gr.)
  • State Programme Managers/Project Directors of National disease control Programme.
  • Director of Health Services,
  • Directors of Health Services (Public Health, Family Welfare and Medical)-3 non-official members in the governing body are also to be included in the executive committee
  • Director ISM,
  • Director Ayurveda Medical Education,
  • Director Homoeo,
  • Principal Homoeo Medical Education Secretaries/Technical officers from NRHM related sectors,
  • Project Director State Aids Control Society.
  • MOHFW, GOI representatives
  • Regional Directors

Frequency of Meetings: At least once in three month

Ordinary Business:

  • Detailed Expenditure and Implementation review
  • Approval of proposals and other Districts and implementation agencies/District Action Plans.
  • Execution of the approved State Action Plan, including release of funds of Programmes at State level as per annual Action Plan.
  • Release of funds to the District Health Socieities.
  • Finalization of working arrangements for intra sectoral and inter sectoral co-ordination.
  • Follow up action on decision of the Governing Body.
  • Issuing of Bye-laws, of Kerala State Health and Family Welfare Society and District Health and Family Welfare Society.

District Health Mission and the District Health & Family Welfare Society

On the lines of the State Health Mission, every district will have a ‘District Health Mission’ comprising of the District Panchayath President as chair person and the District Collector as the Co-Chair person and District Medical Officer (H) as the Convenor & Member Secretary.

To support the District Health Mission, there is the integrated District Health & Family Welfare Society. All the existing societies (except AIDS and Cancer) as vertical support structures for different national and state health programmes were merged in the District Health & Family Welfare Society. The District Health & Family Welfare Society is responsible for planning and managing all health and family welfare programmes in the district, both in the rural as well as urban areas.

The District Health & Family Welfare Society may also be viewed as an addition to the district administration’s capacity, particularly for planning, budgeting, budget analysis, development of operational policy proposals, and financial management etc. Because it is a legal entity, the District Health & Family Welfare Society can set up its own office, which has adequate contingent of staff and experts and can evolve its own rules and procedures for hiring staff and experts both from the open market as well as on deputation from the Government. In other words, the District Health & Family Welfare Society is not an implementing agency; it is a facilitating mechanism for the district health administration as also the mechanism for joint planning by NRHM related secto`

Governance structure

Chairperson District Panchayath President
Co-Chair & Executive Director District Collector
Convener& Member Secretary District Medical Officer (H)
  • MPs, MLAs, from the district,
  • Chair-persons of the Standing Committees of the District Panchayath,
  • Project   Officer (DRDA), Chair-persons & Convenors of the District,
  • General & W & C Hospital Development Societies, District Programme Officers for health programmes
  • PHED, ICDS, AYUSH, Education, Social welfare, panchayati Raj, representative of State Mission Director
  • Representative OF MNGO etc.
  • District Health & Family Welfare Society

Governance Structure of the District Health & Family Welfare Society

Governing Body

Chair District Panchayat President
Co-Chair & Executive Director District Collector
Convener District Medical Officer.
  • District Programme Manager (NRHM),
  • Project Officer (DRDA),
  • District Programme Managers for  Health, AYUSH, Water and Sanitation [under Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC)], DPMSU, PHED, ICDS, Education, Social Welfare, Panchayati Raj,
  • A  representative of State Mission Director,
  • Representatives of Medical Association/MNGO and Development Partners

Executive Committee

Chair District Collector
Co-Chair DMO(H)
Vice-chair District RCH Officer
Convener District Programme Manager
Members District Superintendent of Police, Superintendents - General, W & C and District Hospitals, All District Programme Managers for health, ICDS, PHED, Water and Sanitation, Education, Panchayati Raj RDOs/ Sub Collectors, CHC In-charge, Project Officer (DRDA), District Programme Managers for AYUSH.