‘AROGYA THARAKAM’NRHM Health Quiz - 2012


'AROGYA THARAKAM’ - NRHM Health Quiz Competition is a very original and innovative programme recently organized by NRHM for High School students to be telecast through Doordarsan, Kerala and VICTERS channel of Department of Education. Four thousand students, representing around One thousand two hundred schools from all districts participated in the programme. The objective of the programme is to sensitize school children on major health issues in Kerala and their solutions, and thereby to initiate a healthy and result oriented debate across the state. Competitions were conducted in all 14 districts jointly by district NRHM, Health Services, Education Department with the support of C-Dit and a reputed professional agency. Prior to the competition, district level campaigns were conducted from 20th October 2012 with participation of Hon. Minister for Health, Kerala State and Peoples Representatives including MLAs, Mayors, Presidents of LSGs etc., thus ensuring far and wide publicity and maximum public participation at district level. 32 teams were selected from districts for participation in the state level competition. The final competition of the 32 teams was organized at the C-Dit Studio floor at Trivandrum on 26th December 2012, which was inaugurated by Hon. Minister for Health, Kerala state. The competition was conducted before an invited audience which included the Principal Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Department and other senior officials of NRHM and Health Services. The entire programme was filmed by C-DIT using state of the art technology to be telecast in 13 episodes of 40 minutes programmes through Doordarsan during January to march 2013. Apart from this the district level competitions were filmed by VICTERS channel, the official visual medium of Department of Education



  • Jointly organized by NRHM and Health Services with support of CDIT and Department of Education
  • District Competitions were conducted in all district centers.
  • 1872  teams (2 students in each team) participated in district level competitions
  • State level competition in Trivandrum in specially designed studio
  • 32 teams participated in the 4 days state level competitions.
  • All state level team members with their parents were provided with accommodation, food and travel expenses.
  • Questions were prepared by a professional agency consisting of doctors and eminent doctors, which were verified by an expert panel.
  • Questions were mainly on human anatomy, physiology, hygiene, environmental health, lifestyles, Food and nutrition, communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases, sanitation, mental health issues and other public health issues.
  • Certificates were issued to all district level participants. Mementos and certificates were given to all state level participants. Prize money was given to all district and state level finalists.
  • Cash prizes for State level Winners:- Ist prize: Rs.1lakh, IInd prize: Rs.75000/- IIIrd prize: Rs. 50000/- IVth prize: Rs. 25000/-
  • Dr. Indu. PS, Additional Professor of Department of Community Medicine, Govt. Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram and Mr. Snehajan, Dreams Infotainment Society were the quiz masters.

The experience of this program teaches us the importance and necessity for carrying it forward in subsequent years, so that the program could develop in future into as a very effective tool for mass education on important health and public health lessons. The four thousand student participants will form a permanent panel of youth educators/ leaders in public health education in future. These youngsters will be frequently contacted and built into a team for peer learning and source for feedback for formulating future mass contact programmes of NRHM. The competition was conducted in all 14 districts jointly by district NRHM, Health Services, Education Department with the support of C-Dit and a reputed professional agency. The entire programme was conceived and executed meticulously and with full involvement of various related departments so that the Common Review Mission team of Govt. of India during their visit commented on it as an example for effective convergence between departments for a public cause.

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