In Kerala wards are the lowest unit in Panchayat Raj Institutions and sub centre in the basic health unit in Health Delivery system.  Grass root level health workers like Junior Public Health Nurse (JPHN) and Junior Health Inspector (JHI) are attached to the sub centre.  In such case the lowest level of health plan, in Kerala shall be Ward Health Plan. The ward level planning is an important unit for NRHM plan preparation. Hence Ward Health and Sanitation Committees are constituted in every ward with the following composition.

Chairperson Elected representative of the Ward
Convener JPHN/JHI/HI
  • Registered medical practitioners in the ward
  • School Teachers
  • Registered practitioners of Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha, Homoeopathy
  • Anganwadi worker
  • Kudumbasree members
  • MSS Volunteers
  • Residents association representatives
  • Tribal group representatives of (in Tribal area)
  • Representatives of NGOs working in the ward

Every Ward Health and Sanitation Committee duly constituted and oriented would be entitled to an annual untied grant of Rs. 10,000 (Rupees Ten thousand only), which could be used for any of the following activities.

  1. For Ward level public health activity like cleanliness drive, sanitation drive, school health activities, ICDS Anganwadi level activities, household surveys etc.
  2. In case of a destitute woman or member of a very poor household requiring emergency medical attention, the Ward Health and Sanitation Committee grants can be used for Health care need of the poor household or or for referral transportation, which should be recouped from the NRHM funds allotted to Primary Health Centre / Community Health Centre.  The maximum allowance amount in such cases will be limited to Rs.1000 (Rupees one thousand) per case.
  3. The untied grant is a resource community action at the local level and shall only be used for community activities that involve and benefit more than one household, Nutrition, Education and Sanitation, Environment protection, Public Health Measures shall be key areas were these funds could be utilized.
  4. The community is free to contribute additional grant towards the Health and Sanitation Committee.   The intention of this untied grant is to enable local action and to ensure that Public Health activities at the village level that needs priority attention.

Representatives from women`s self-help group

Functions of Ward Health & Sanitation Committee:

  • Ward Health& Sanitation Committee will be responsible for the preparation, monitoring and implementation of Ward Health Plan
  • Responsible for the household survey in the ward
  • Responsible for conducting awareness creation and IEC activities regarding sanitation and Vector Borne Diseases.
  • Maintaining Health Register
  • Arranging meetings at Ward Level for preparation of Ward Health Plan
  • Shall forward Ward Health Action Plan to Panchayat for the preparation of Panchayat Health Plan
  • NRHM indicators shall be translated into Ward Health Indicators
  • Shall Monitor ASHA Link Workers, wherever applicable.
  • Oversee JSY payments too.