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Bridging the critical shortage of manpower has always been a matter of concern. The Government has taken bold steps to implement compulsory rural services for doctors and bonded services and internship for Nurses and contract appointment of Specialists. Around 1200 doctors were employed on contract basis. In order to ensure the Government Policy of 1:4 Nurse to bed ratio, over 1500 nurses were appointed in the State in various health institutions in the State.  To ensure the presence of doctors on a 24 X & basis, doctors were appointed in two additional shifts i.e. 3 PM to 8 PM (evening shift) and 8 PM to 8 AM (night shift) in selected health institutions which is being maintained. Through Compulsory Rural Services MBBS and Specialist Doctors are posted for services in Rural and Difficult Rural areas. Deployment of Specialists especially gynecologists in the CHCs has helped increase deliveries in Peripheral Hospitals with concomitant decrease the load in tertiary level hospitals. Further 5 CHCs per district is being converted to baby friendly hospitals to promote deliveries in the peripheral hospitals.


Owing to a better management of Human resources now

  • More institutions are provided with 24x7 services
  • OP increased
  • OP time in selected institutions extended
  • Increase of deliveries in government hospitals