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Upgradation of Health Institutions
Institutional Funds
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Institutional Funds

Through Arogyakeralam, Untied funds & Annual Maintenance Grants and Hospital Development Societies are given to the health institutions towards undertaking various developmental activities in the institutions. An amount of `48.38 crores are being released every year under this head

Untied funds
Annual Maintenance Grant
(for institutions with own buildings)
Hospital Development Societies
Sub Centre (SC) 10,000/ institution 10,000/ SC c1,00,000/institution
Primary Health Centre (PHC) 25,000/ institution 50,000/ PHC
Community Health Centre (CHC) 1,00,000/institution 1,00,000/institution
General Hospital,
Taluk Head Quarters Hospital,
Speciality Hospitals, District Hospital

List of Institutions

1 List of All Institutions
2 List of Health Institutions - 24 x 7 PHCs
3 List of Community Health Centres (CHCs)
4 List of Primary Health Centres (PHCs)
5 List of Rural Areas (RAs)
6 List of Difficult Rural Areas (DRAs)