Date File  Description
06/08/2018 institution which were accredited national level and state level (NQAS,KASH) Download
26/04/2018 Kayakalp Checklist 2018 Download
15/03/2018  NQAS CHECKLIST  Download
06/03/2018 LaQshya Guidelines Final  Download
09/11/2017 Delivery Kit GO Download
28/06/2017 LR SNCU posting Download
29/03/2017 Infant Death Reporting GO Download
28/04/2017 List of Accredited hospitals  Download
20/10/2016 Guidelines Obstetric HDU and ICU Download
20/10/2016 Labor Room Guideline Download
05/03/2015 Quality Standards to Decrease Neonatal Mortality Rate in Kerala Download
09/12/2015 Guidelines - Management  of Mercury Waste Download
09/12/2015 G O Kayakalp 01-10-2015 Download
23/07/2015 GOI Order : Condemnation Of Unserviceable Hospital equipments,furniture and electrical equipments in all hospitals. Download
04/06/2015 Award to Public Health Facilities KAYAKALP Download
03/06/2015 Swachhta Guidelines Download
23/04/2015 GOI Order:- Reconstitution of District level Vigilance and Monitoring Commitee(DLVMC) for implementation of National Health Mission (NHM) at district levels. Download
23/03/2015 Quality Assurance in Health Care- Guidelines for the Hospital Infection Control activities in Health Services Department - Government Order Download
07/02/2015 Government order Download
07/02/2015 Labor_register_Revised_20-10-2014 Download
19/12/2014 PHC Checklist  Download
19/12/2014 CHC Checklist Download
19/12/2014 DH Checklist Download
19/12/2014 Operational Guidelines on QA Download
19/12/2014 DH Volume 1 National QA Guidelines Download
19/12/2014 DH Volume 2 National QA Guidelines Download
31/07/2014 Medical Records  Management Download
02/07/2014 Revised guidelines for AC in OT Download
23/06/2014 Quality Kerala- May Download
23/06/2014 Quality Kerala- April Download
03/01/2014 Preservation of Medical Records(GO) Download
Standards for District Vaccine Stores 
25/02/2013 Circular Code Blue Download
11/02/2013 Labor Room register Download
11/02/2013 Quality standards for postpartum haemorrhage and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy  Download
11/02/2013 Flow chart Labour Room Download
17/01/2013 Accreditation Standards for Hospitals Kerala Accreditation Standards for Hospitals- Second Edition - 2013
17/01/2013 IPHS DH Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS)
17/01/2013 IPHS TH Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) Guidelines for Sub-District/Sub-Divisional Hospitals (31 to 100 Bedded)
17/01/2013 IPHS CHC Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) Guidelines for Community Health Centres Revised 2012
17/01/2013 IPHS PHC Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) Guidelines for Primary Health Centres Revised 2012
17/01/2013  IPHS Sub centre Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) Guidelines for Sub-Centres Revised 2012
17/01/2013 OTG Operation Theatre Guidelines
  GO -Government Order:- Define Job responsibilities  of various employees under KErala HEalth Services  GO-Meeting
   GO-Job Responsibilities of Multipurpose Health Workers and PHC MOs GO
  Draft Standards for Registration of hospitals Draft Standards
  GO Mosquito Control 17-06-2013.pdf Circular - Dry day : June 20th & 27th and July 4th 2013
  Accreditation standards for Hospitals (KASH) – accreditation to 7 Health care GO
  GO KASH 20-01-2011 GO
  Medical Records Retaining period in Kerala Govt. G.O on Retaining period of Medical Records in Government Hospital
  Model Case Record for Hospitals GO
  Kerala state Drug Formulary GO
   G.O for Caesarean section rate GO