Children and adolescents form about 22% of the population of Kerala. Early identification of developmental and emotional problems in children is important. Adolescence is a period which requires special consideration. Any program to take care of the developmental and psychological problems of children and adolescents will be immensely beneficial to the future. Undersigned took extra efforts to implement with the financial assistance from NRHM to provide sustainable basic mental health services to women, children and elderly and to integrate these services with other health services.

The program is being implemented in the model of District Mental Health Program as per the guidelines set by the Government of India. A team of psychiatrist, Medical Officer, Psychiatric Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist, Pharmacist and Nursing Orderly visits the selected community health centers/primary health centers once a month and give treatment to the target population. The treatment includes free supply of medicines and other services.  The programme is run with the support of Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Kozhikode. At present IMHANS organizes community mental health program in Kozhikode (16 clinics), Malappuram (47 clinics), Wayanad (13clinics) and Kasaragod (15 clinics) districts. This is a unique achievement and no where in India such wide coverage of community psychiatry services is available.