Partnership with NGOs in delivering and provision of Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) services through mother NGO (MNGO) in the un-served and under-served regions is one of the important initiatives in our state. The scheme involves large number of contracts between government and the NGOs. MNGO programme started in all (14 districts) of Kerala. Till now 11 MNGO’s were working in 14 districts. In addition to this there are 55 Field NGOs are also in the field level. The MNGO’s are working for providing quality of ANC care, strengthening institutional deliveries and immunisation for children and providing essential neonatal care also. Young eligible couples and adults are providing awareness information of FP and also community based distribution of contraceptives are other focused areas of work. They are also focusing on reducing the prevalence of RTI/STI through networks with the government and local organisations like kudunbasree, etc.

The key delivery areas under the MNGO scheme are Maternal & Child Health, Adolescent & Reproductive Health, Family Planning, prevention & Management of RTI and Gender Aspects. The major Focus Area of the programme is Un-served and Under served areas.

The major Functions of MNGO’s are Identification of Un-served & under served areas & Identification of FNGOs, Motivation of NGOs, Community Based Organisations, Self Help Groups and other local bodies in the absence of FNGOs, Project orientation to FNGOs & Development of Proposal, Capacity building of FNGOs & Technical Support to FNGOs, Liaise, network and coordinate with state and other institutions, Monitor the performance of FNGOs and give supportive supervision and Documentation of best practices.

Under the initiative of NRHM, all the MNGO activities are monitored at Block level by the Block Coordinators. At district level monthly reviews are carried out under the leadership of DPM, RCH and MCH officers. Under the Public private partnership a major initiative was done with Kottayam municipality and Kerala Voluntary Health Services (KVHS), MNGO Kottyam district. The municipality handed over the urban health centre to the MNGO for three years. They are providing services including regular ANC and under 5 clinics, adolescent clinic, counseling service, F.W counseling to eligible couples, health education to mothers through this centre called ‘Arogya Samrakshini’.