Right To Information Act, 2005

In pursuance to the provisions of Right to Information Act, 2005, which came into force w.e.f. 12th October, 2005. Any further information required by any person can be obtained from the PIO after payment of prescribed fees which are as follows:

(a) for information under Sub-Sec.(1) of Sec.6 Rs.10/-

(b) for information under Sub-Sec.(1) of Sec.7.

  1. Rs.3/- for each page (A4 Size) created or copied.
  2. actual charge or cost price of a copy in larger size paper
  3. for inspection of records, no fees for first hour and thereafter fee of Rs.5/- for every fifteen minutes or part thereof.

(c) for information under Sub-Sec (5) of Sec.7

  1. Rs.75/- for information on diskette or floppy;
  2. Actual price fixed for information provided in printed form or Rs.2/- per page of photo copy for extracts from the publication.

The fees can be paid by way of DD in favor of State Health & Family Welfare Society payable at Trivandrum. Alternatively, payment can be made as declared by Government of Kerala.

Information regarding NCD has been made available on website – www.ncd.kerala.gov.in

State Public Information Officer & Appellate Authority of Districts

State Public Information Officer (SPIO) Sri. P S Ramesh Babu
State Public Information Officer, NHM
Phone : 0471 2301181
State Appellate Authority Smt. Bindu K
State Admin & HR Manager/State Appellate Authority, NHM
Tel Nos: 0471 2301181, 2302784
Mob : 9946292222


District Appellate Authority Public Information Officer
TVM Dr Asha Vijayan
Phone no :- 9946105471
Email ID :-dpmtrivandrum@gmail.com
Sasi C
Office Secretary
Phone no :- 8086607800
Email ID :-arogyakeralamtvm@gmail.com
KLM Dr. Devkiran
District Programme Manager
Phone no :- 9946105474
Email ID :-dpmkollam@gmail.com
District Accounts Officer
Phone no :- 9946003630
Email ID :-daonrhmklm@gmail.com
PTA Dr.Sreekumar.S
District program manager
Phone no :- 9946105476
Email ID :-dpmptanew@gmail.com
Remya P Rajan

Sr.Clerk cum DEO
Phone no :- 9072574330
Email ID :-dpmptanew@gmail.com

ALP Dr.K.R Radhakrishnan
District Program Manager
Phone no :- 9946105478
Email ID :- dpmalp@gmail.com
Maya C S
District Accounts officer
Phone no :- 9946005899
Email ID :- dpmalp@gmail.com
KTM Dr.Ajai Mohan
District Programme Manager
Phone no :- 9946105480
Email ID :-dpmktmnew@gmail.com
Deepthi Mathew
Office Secretary
Phone no :- 7034663777
Email ID :-dpmktmnew@gmail.com
IDK Dr. Anoop K

District Programme Manager
Phone no :- 9946105482
Email ID :- dpmidk@gmail.com

Gigil Mathew

Jr. Consultant (D&C)
Phone no :- 9946107341
Email ID :- jcidukki@gmail.com

EKM Dr. Nikhilesh Menon R

District Programme Manager
Phone no :- 9946777951
Email ID :-dpmekm@gmail.com

Vinu A

Jr Consultant(D&C)
Phone no :- 9072531011
Email ID :-bccnhmekm@gmail.com

TSR Dr T P Sreedevi

District medical officer
Phone no :- 9946105485
Email ID :-dmohtsr@gmail.com

Dr Rosh T.V(Additional charge)

District programme manager
Phone no :- 9946105486
Email ID :-dpmtsr@gmail.com

PKD Dr.Rosh.T.V
District Programme Manager
Phone no :- 9946105488
Email ID :-dpmpkd@gmail.com
Office Secretary
Phone no :- 9895046832
Email ID :-dpmpkd@gmail.com
MLPM Dr. Anoop T.N
District Programme Manager
Phone no :- 9946105490
Email ID :-dpmmlpm@gmail.com
A. Sangeetha Kumari
Phone no :- 9946106278
Email ID :-dpmmlpm@gmail.com
KKD Dr Naveen A
District Programme Manager
Phone no :- 9946105492
Email ID :-dpmkkd1@gmail.com
Divya C
Consultant D&C
Phone no :- 9946105785
Email ID :-dpmkkd1@gmail.com
WYD Dr. Sameeha Saidalavi
Phone no :- 9946105494
Email ID :-dpmwynd@gmail.com
Office Secretary
Phone no :- 8589001117
Email ID :- dpmwynd@gmail.com
KNR Dr. Anil Kumar.P.K 
District Programme Manager
Phone no :- 9946105496
Email ID :-dpmknr@gmail.com
Mohanan Choori

Office Secretary

Phone no :- 7561022767
Email ID :-dpmknr@gmail.com

KSD Dr. Rijith Krishnan
District Programme Manager
Phone no :- 8943110023
Email ID :- dpmksd@gmail.com
Gangadharan K
Administrative Officer
Phone no :- 9946100281
Email ID :- dpmksd@gmail.com