Efficiency of any health care institution depends to a large extent on the availability and judicious usage of the Bio-Medical equipments. Bio-Medical engineers are appointed in the districts for assessing the true requirement of equipments, ensuring maximum utilisation of equipments and to avoid down time of equipment. The process of creation of an inventory of equipments in all the health care institutions in the state from PHC level has also been initiated and completed. BMEs are updating the inventory of equipments by collecting the new installation of equipments monthly.

Biomedical Engineers are accoordinating with supplier for the installation and commissioning major equipment like CT, MRI,Cath Lab etc by cross checking the tender specification and other terms and conditions with the supplied equipment by KMSCL. Follow ups for DRS approval, PNDT certificate, TLD badges are doing by BMEs for new installations. As part of Supportive Supervision, Biomedical Engineers are visiting minimum 15 institutions monthly and evaluating the status of Equipment Breakdown and rectification and necessary follow ups are taken.

For ensuring the judicious usage of the Bio-Medical equipments and to avoid idling, Equipments Audit is being conducted and reallotting the equipment to the needy institutions. Supporting institution authorities for district level procurement of equipments from institutions and supporting concerned authorities to condemn the equipment which are recommended as Beyond Economic Repair.

As part of quality improvement and for ensuring accuracy in the test reports given to patient, Preventive Maintenance and Calibration of equipments need to be conducted timely. BMEs are ensuring the same and follow up action is being conducted through external agencies.

Supporting District Health Societies for the preparation of Annual indent of equipment based on the availability of infrastructure, Manpower etc to avoid duplication/idling of the equipment. Preparing Equipment proposals and submit to for the setting up of Laboratories for new Programmes like Aardram, LaQshya,Obstretic ICU/HDU, SNCU,NBSU, upgradation of AYUSH hospitals etc and coordinating the installations.


To establish quality equipment intensive facilities along with suitable mechanisms to ensure proper maintenance of medical devices and equipment to ensure patient safety and good clinical outcomes.


  • Preparation of annual PIP for procurement and biomedical Engineering
  • Equipment Audit
  • Preparation and consolidation of Inventory of Medical Equipments
  • Procurement of equipments & follow up with KMSCL
  • Institution Visit for supportive supervision
  • Reallocation of Idling equipment
  • Repair & Maintenance of equipment – Coordination with Third Party Service Provider – M/s KTPL

Schemes / Initiatives

As part of reducing Neonatal Mortality Rate and to provide better infant care, 21 Special Newborn Care Units (SNCUs) had set up in the selected institutions. Setting up of SNCUs in W&C Hospital Managattuparamba, DH Kanhangad & GH Kasargode is in progress.

Equipments for Maternal Health

As part of improving the quality of care offered to mothers in Government hospitals and to reduce maternal mortality rate, Hybrid Obstetric ICU & Obstetric HDU are implementing at SAT Hospital, Trivandrum, Medical Colleges at Alappuzha, Kottayam, Thrissur, Kozhikode and Obstetric HDUs at W&C Hospital Thycaud, Trivandrum, W&C Hospital,Kollam, W&C Hospital Mangattparamba,Kannur,W&C Hospital, Ponnani,Malappuram, District Hospital Kozhenchery and District Hospital Manathavady. For ensuring quality services, sophisticated medical equipment are required and are being provided to health care delivery institutions after conducting an Equipment Audit through M/s Kerala Medical Services Corporation Ltd to improve the system.

Equipments are also being provided for the new W&C Blocks at DH Tirur, THQH Wandoor, THQH Alathur, W&C Hospital, Palakakd and for the new MCH Blocks at THQH Kodugallur THQH Koilandy

Equipments for Child Health

As part of reducing Neonatal Mortality Rate and to provide better infant care, Equipments like Bubble CPAP, Neonatal Ventilator, Neonatal Resuscitation Units, Warmer, Phototherapy, Pulse Oximeter, Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer etc are being provided at the delivery points through KMSCL. For strengthening existing Special Newborn Care Units, Newborn Care Corner and for new Newborn Stabilization Units , medical equipments are being provided.

Equipments for Setting up of Laboratories- Aardram Project

As part of the Nava Kerala Karmapadhathi, Govt. has launched Aardram Douthyam in health sector, and developing the facilities of Primary Health Centres to the level of Family Health centres is part of this mission. ln the second phase of Aardram mission, 504 institutions are selected. Equipment proposals are prepared for the setting up of Laboratories in these institutions and Supply of equipments is progressing through KMSCL

Other Equipments for Delivery Points

Medical Equipments are needed for the smooth functioning of the institutions to provide better treatments to the patients. Equipments like Anesthesia Machine, OT Light, OT Table, Infusion Pump, Defibrillator, Multiparamonitor etc are being provided to the government hospitals As part of strengthening existing Laboratories at DH/GH/THQH & W&C Hospitals, Equipments like Centrifuge, Electrolyte Analyser, Hematology Analyser, Semi Auto Analyser,Urine Analyser, HbA1C Analyser etc are being provided. In addition, equipments are being provided for the setting up of Microbiology Laboratories at GH Alappuzha, GH Kottayam, DH Palakkad, DH Kollam, DH Kannur, DH Manathavady, DH Kanhangad

Providing emergency medical care during the golden hours of casualties especially in life threatening injuries is a priority. Kerala is implementing a Trauma care system. Institutions are selected based on NATPAC STUDY of black spots and gap analysis study.Equipments are being provided for the setting up of Trauma care system at TH Attingal, GH Adoor,GH Pala,THQH Adimali,DH Manathavady,DH Kanhangad

New Initiative –Biomedical Equipment Maintenance and Management Programme

It was informed that high rate of dysfunctional equipment remains at various levels of government hospitals and to address this issue, Government of India have decided to outsource private agencies for comprehensive maintenance of all equipments at PHCs, CHCs, THQH/TH and DH.

M/s Kirloskar Technologies Pvt. Ltd was selected as the qualified bidder and Agreement was executed between M/s Kirloskar Technologies Pvt Ltd with M/s Kerala Medical Services Corporation Ltd on 08.09,2016 for five years subject to annual performance review and the Programme running smoothly.

  • Initial contract period 5 years
  • Web enabled Equipment Management Information System http://kmscl-bemp.ktplerp.com/
  • Toll Free No for call registration - 1800-270-0690
  • Calibration & Preventive Maintenance of equipments for good clinical outcomes
  • Downtime should not be more than 7 days(Penalty for not rectifying any fault within 7 days will be deducted from service provider)
  • QA/ QC Test for equipments
  • Periodic User Training of all Equipment

Providing AERB License for equipment under Radiology department

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Department has informed that the compliance to norms of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) is a statutory requirement for Radiology departments at all levels of institutions from PHCS to District/General Hospitals and beyond for ensuring patient and provider safety.

The present status of AERB approval of Radiological equipments at the Government Hospitals was collected from districts. The approval of X ray Machine, CT Machine, Portable X ray, Dental X-ray, OPG Machine which includes up gradation works, procurement of TLD Badges, Lead Apron, Mobile Barriers, Warning Lights, Chest Stand and lead lining on the inner walls of X ray room are included in the works. Government of India had approved funds for the same. Issued Administrative Sanction to M/s KMSCL and through Tender M/s Cyrix Healthcare got the offer. Work progressing at 64 institutions for obtaining AERB License