Sl.No. Name Position Phone Number
1 Smt. Veena George Minister for Health & Family Welfare and Chair Person Governing Body
 2 Dr.V.P. Joy IAS Chief Secretary to Govt of Kerala & Co-Chairman, Governing Body
3 Smt. Tinku Biswal IAS Principal Secretary to Govt. (Health & Family Welfare)& chairman of Executive Committee
4 Dr. S. Karthikeyan I A S State Mission Director
5 State Programme Manager & Appellate Authority (RTI), NHM
6 Smt. M Geethamony Amma Director (Finance NHM) -& Joint secy Finance(GoK) 9072681600
7 Sri. Suresh K State HR & Administration Manager 9946292222
9 Sri.Suresh K Public  Information Officer incharge
10 State Internal Audit Officer
11 Dr. Amar Fettle State Nodal Officer (Adoloscent Health) 9946123995
12 Dr.Amjith E Kutty State Quality Assurance Officer & LaQshya (Labour room Quality improvement Initiative) 7593864205
13 Dr. Sreehari M State Nodal Officer (Child Health) 9539191910
14 Dr.Divya V.S State Nodal officer Training & Telemedicine 9446528176
15 Sri. Prakash C P State Finance Manager 9946105763
16 Smt. Anishakumari M. C State Accounts Manager 9946105462
17 Smt. Seena K.M. Sr. Consultant (Social Development) 9946105459
18 Ms.Athira Ram IT Programmer 8589078080
19 Sri. Sinosh.K.P Senior consultant BCC 9567502640
20 Smt. Prabha George State Data Officer (Demographer) 9447859326
21 State Urban Health Manager
22 Dr. George K Philip State M&E Consultant 9946105756
23 Smt. Sujatha R.S Urban Health Finance Manager 9946105584
24 Smt.Beula.G.S Urban MIS Manager 9946359903
Disease Control Program (DCP)
25 Dr.Sunil.S National Tuberculosis Elimination Program (NTEP) 9447155334
26 Dr.Meenakshy Integrated Disease Survilance Program & National VectorBone Disease Control Program 9074609622
27 Dr.Vidhya National Leprosy Iradication Program (NLEP) 9446764488
Non Communincable Disease (NCD)
28 Dr. Bipin K Gopal National  Program for Prevention  and Control of Cancer Diabetics  Cardiovascular Diseases and Strock (NPCDCS) & National Tubaco Control Program (NTCP). 9946105969
29 Dr.Thara National Iodine Deficiency Disorder Control Program (NIDDCP) 8075232540
30 Dr.Bindhu Mohan National Mental Health Programme & National Programme for Prevention and Management of Burn Injuries 9447343238
31 Dr.Simon Morrison National Oral Health Programme 9995919664
32 Dr.Sreelatha.K.T National Programme for Prevention and control of Flurosis 9495833170
33 Dr. Neena Rani National Programme for Control of Blindness 9446121586
34 Dr.Manoj.G.Nair National Programme for Prevention and Control of Deafness 9745050711
35 Dr.Anil.V National Viral Hepatitis Control Program & National Rabies Control Programme  & 6282123803
36 Dr. Manu M.S National Program for climate change and human health 98464 78793