Sl.No. Name. Designation
1 Ms. Bindu K Director Finance
2 Ms. Bindu K State HR & Administration Manager (In-charge)
3 Ms. Mini T N Chief Engineer
4 Mr. P S Ramesh Babu Sr. Administrative Assistant (Finance) & Public Information Officer
5 Dr. Lipsy Paul State Nodal Officer (Maternal Health)
6 Dr. Rahul U R State Nodal Officer (CH)
7 Dr. Shilpa Babu Thomas State Nodal Officer (M&E)
8 Dr. Lakshmi G G State Quality Assurance Officer
9 Dr. Abey Sushan State Urban Health Manager & SNO (HWC)
10 Dr. Arun P V State Nodal Officer (Projects)
11 Dr. Anoj S Consultant (AEFI)
12 Dr. Manu M S Public Health Specialist


Sl.No. Name Designation. Department / Section.
Finance & Accounts
1 Anisha Kumary. M.C State Accounts Manager Finance
2 Prakash C P State Finance Manager Finance
3 Rajesh. V.V Consultant (Accounts) Finance
4 Shaju Haran Accountant Finance
5 Sangeetha Raveendran Data Entry Operator Finance
6 Nithin B G Consultant (Admin) Admin
7 Priya Rani T P CA to SMD Admin
8 Resmi S. Nair Sr. Clerk cum DEO Admin
9 Sreeja R Sr. Clerk cum DEO Admin
10 Murukan Ambika Viswanathan Sr. Clerk cum DEO Admin
11 Manju V Data Entry Operator Admin
Other DEOs
12 Salini R.K Data Entry Operator Tapal
13 Sreedevi K.S Data Entry Operator EA Section, DHS Offie
14 Sreelekha M Data Entry Operator Planning Section, DHS Office
15 Kumari Sreelatha KS Data Entry Operator Health (G) section
16 Deepak D Data Entry Operator working in the office of Health Minister
17 Shyma C Data Entry Operator Addl. Director (FW)
18 Sindhu V Data Entry Operator Addl. Director (FW)
20 Dileepkumar M Consultant (Environmental Engg) Engineering
21 Radhakrishnan  P Sr.Consultant (Engg) Engineering
22 J.Mohanadas Sr.Consultant (Engg) Engineering
23 Vishnukumar P Consultant (Engg) Engineering
24 Sooraj V S Consultant (Engg) Engineering
25 Sajitha V S Consultant (Engg) Engineering
26 Deepa S Data Entry Operator Engineering
27 Aswathy. L Consultant (Biomedical) Gr II Biomedical
Social Development
28 Seena K.M Sr. Consultant (Social Development) Social Development
29 Anzal F Jr. Consultant (Plan Campaign) Social Development
30 Sheeba R Das Clerk cum DEO Social Development
Quality Assurance
31 Visakh V S Assistant Quality Assurance Officer Quality Assurance
32 Jojin George Quality Assurance Officer Quality Assurance
Behaviour Change Communication
33 Sinosh K P Senior Consultant (BCC) BCC
34 Smrithi Lekshmy Jr.Consultant (Documentation) BCC
35 Varsha Jr.Consultant (BCC) BCC
36 Prasanna Kumar Consultant (PR) BCC
37 Shyjil K K Jr. Consultant (D&C) BCC
National Urban Health Mission
38 Dr.George K Philip State M&E Consultant NUHM
39 Sujatha R.S Urban Health Finance Manager NUHM
40 Beula G S Urban MIS Manager NUHM
Information Technology & Data Cell
41 Ms. Saly R  IT  Programmer IT
42 Ms. Raji Krishnan Asst Programmer (IT) IT
43 Mr. Sandip Prem System Administrator IT
School Health & ARSH
44 Dr. Amar Fettle State Nodal Officer (ARSH) ARSH
45 Ms. Darsana Jr. Consultant (RBSK) RBSK
46 Mr. Martin Jinu K Jr. Consultant (RBSK) RBSK
47 Ms. Sumina Nasim N Data Entry Operator RBSK
Radio Health
48 Mr. Deepu Consultant (RH) Radio Health
Statistics & State Data Officer
49 Renju V R Jr. Consultant (MCTS) MCTS
50 Aswathy Ramachandran Jr.Consultant (MIS) MIS
51 Reshma U D Jr. Consultant (MIS) MIS
52 Data Manager cum Statistician State Data Cell
53 Rejitha S Nair Data Entry Operator MCTS
State NCD Wing
54 Maria Sebasty State Finance cum Logistics Officer NCD
55 Divya B Data Entry Operator NCD
56 Anoop C T Programme Assistant NPPCD
57 State VBD Consultant NVBDCP
58 Athira Sugathan State Entomologist IDSP
59 Betty Christopher Microbiologist IDSP
60 Dr.Krishnaprasad Veterinary Consultant IDSP
61 Jose Fernandez Data Manager IDSP
62 Vishnu Prakash M Finance Officer IDSP
63 Mayadevi R L Data Entry Operator IDSP
64 Deepa M R Clerk cum Data Entry Operator NLEP
65 Jai G Thomas Budget & Finance Officer NPCB
66 Sukomal Accountant NPCB
67 Akhila J L Data Entry Operator NPCB
68 Technical officer (Surveillance, M&E and Research) NVHCP
69 Anoop Mohan Assistant Admin & Procurement NVHCP
State TB Cell
70 Dr. Neetha Murthy Microbiologist - IRL RNTCP
71 Suresh Babu. V Pharmacist / Store Keeper RNTCP
72 Dr. Remya. P State PPM Coordinator RNTCP
73 Krishna Kumar. V State Accountant RNTCP
74 Satheesh Joy.F ACSM Officer RNTCP
75 Hima. V EQA Microbiologist RNTCP
76 Kalakumari. R.L SA-STC RNTCP
77 Manju. T Data Entry Operator -STC RNTCP
78 Dhanya. R. J Store Assistant RNTCP
79 Ravikrishnan. B Sr. Lab Technician - IRL RNTCP
80 Saritha. CS Data Entry Operator -IRL RNTCP
81 Jyothi. S Data Entry Operator - IRL RNTCP
82 Ramya. PK Technical Officer - IRL RNTCP
83 Renu Susan George Technical Officer - IRL RNTCP
84 Saranya. J Lab Technician - IRL RNTCP
85 Shibina. AN Lab Technician - IRL RNTCP
86 Shibina. AL Lab Technician - IRL RNTCP
87 Soumya.  SS Lab Technician - IRL RNTCP
88 Remya Nair Lab Technician - IRL RNTCP
89 ND. Lal Statistical Assistant , Nodal DR TB Site, Pulayanarcotta, Tvpm RNTCP
Other Support Staff
90 Sreedevi. B Peon Admin
91 Rajamony Peon Admin
92 Sharmila S Peon BCC